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Here are some informations and links to other attractions in Bensheim and the region Bergstrasse.

We would like to help you planning your program like a City tour in BENSHEIM, HEIDELBERG or WEINHEIM, a walk through or a wine tasting
IN the wine yards and a snack on top of the Kirchberg.

Please find below some information links to have a closer look or get more detailed informations about things to see and spots to visit around town.

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In the middle of the HISTORICAL AUERBACH CASTLE there are Medieval festivals, Nights of the ghosts, and of course the legendary WALPURGISNACHT taking place throughout the whole year.

!!!Public MEDIEVAL DINNER Partys!!!

Every Saturday and occasionally on Friday evening a public Medieval Dinner Party takes place at the AUERBACH CASTLE.


The VARIETE PEGASUS is located 6 walking minutes from the HOTEL BACCHUS. You will find the Varieté Pegasus located in a historical building complex.

Since 1996 artists from all over the world show their performances at the VARIETE PEGASUS. Special Variete- and group arrangements on request. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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